2012 Council Elected Candidates

Members of the College have chosen the sixth Council, which will govern the teaching profession in the public interest for the next three years.

The 37-member Council meets four times a year to develop policy direction and provide oversight in accordance with the objects set out in the Ontario College of Teachers Act. It establishes teacher qualifications in regulation, sets standards of practice and ethical standards, accredits teacher-education programs, and investigates and hears complaints about individual members.

The 23 elected members represent the English, French, Catholic, public, elementary and secondary school systems in all regions of the province, and four of the positions are designated for principals/vice-principals, supervisory officers, faculties of education and private schools.

The other 14 members of Council are appointed by the provincial government for terms of up to three years. A total of 69 candidates ran for the 23 places on Council. Five candidates were acclaimed. Of members of the College eligible to participate, 3.75 per cent voted online between March 5 and April 10 to choose who would fill the remaining 18 positions. The sixth Council will hold its inaugural meeting on
July 4, 2012.

Election Highlights

  • 77 per cent of candidates blogged and chatted in our online forum about the teaching profession.

  • 69 candidates.

  • 595 comments were posted on the blogs and online forum.

  • 15 new members join Council.

  • Eight members return for a second term.

  • The 23 elected Council members work at 18 different school boards, one private school and one faculty of education.


Meet Your Newly Elected Council Members

Alexander (Sandy) Bass, OCT

Northeast Region Part-time/Full-time

Alexander Bass currently works as an occasional teacher with the Rainbow DSB. During his 26 years at secondary schools in the Rainbow DSB, Bass has taught a variety of subjects including electricity, electronics, computer technology, mathematics and science. He also taught Special Education and was a program leader and assistant department head.

He was actively involved in Rainbow District 3 OSSTF activities throughout his career, most recently serving on the executive of its occasional teacher bargaining unit. As an elected member of the previous College Council, Bass served on the Discipline and Nomination committees. Bass earned a BA from Laurentian University and a BEd from Queen’s University. His College registration number is 119591.


Christine Bellini, OCT

English-Language Public Board Secondary

Christine Bellini is an intermediate/senior visual arts and Special Education teacher with the Peel DSB. As a former full-time psychotherapist counselling teens and youth, she served on the executive board of directors of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. She became a secondary school teacher in 2006 and is currently serving as her school’s OSSTF educational services representative.  Bellini has a BA and Honours BA from York University, a BEd and MEd from OISE/UT and is a doctoral student in OISE’s Department of Theory and Policy. Her College registration number is 498172.


Dave Bird, OCT

Private School

Dave Bird is principal of Pinehurst School in St. Catharines. He has worked in Ontario’s private schools for nearly 20 years, serving as a teacher for six years, a director of studies for two years and a principal for almost 12 years.

He has served as treasurer of the Ontario Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development since 2006 and as the PD consultant to the Ontario Federation of Independent Schools (OFIS) since 2010, where he acts as the course facilitator for both parts of the private school PQP jointly presented by York University and OFIS. Bird has a Bachelor of Law, a BEd from the University of Toronto and an MEd from Brock University. His College registration number is 168414.


Ahmed Bouragba, OCT

Southeast Region Full-time

Ahmed Bouragba currently teaches Grade 4 French Immersion in the Ottawa-Carleton DSB, where he has also taught all French-based subjects at the primary, junior and intermediate levels. Before that he taught Grade 7/8 French Immersion split classes for two years in the Durham DSB. In 2004, he taught math at the Heritage Academy of Learning Excellence, a private school supporting students with special needs. Bouragba has served as his school’s ETFO steward or acting steward since 2008.

He has worked to raise awareness of ETFO’s services and programs and to facilitate and protect contractual provisions in the collective agreement for Ottawa-Carleton members. He holds a diploma from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and a BEd from Ottawa University. His College registration number is 473065.


Maria Bouwmeester, OCT

English-Language Public Board Elementary

Maria Bouwmeester is a Grade 5/6 teacher with the Rainbow DSB. She has worked for over 20 years at schools in northern and southern Ontario, teaching Special Education, library and most grades from JK to 6. She has also worked as a literacy resource teacher.

Over the past 15 years, she held a number of positions in her local elementary teachers’ federation, including school steward, collective bargaining, negotiation team and executive member. She also served two years as a released first vice-president. Bouwmeester has a BPHE and a BEd from Lakehead University. Her College registration number is 184469.


Irene Dembek, OCT

Northeast Region Full-time

Irene Dembek teaches English to students from kindergarten to Grade 6 in the Sudbury Catholic DSB. Her experience includes being the only full-time teacher for First Nations students at a Killarney school. As well as mentoring new teachers, she has developed, implemented and facilitated workshops on OECTA’s anti-bullying initiative.

As a member of OECTA, she has served on its local executive as second vice-president and has been a member of joint board staffing and bargaining team committees. She also belongs to the provincial health and safety committee.

Dembek was an elected member of the last College Council, sitting on the Discipline and Registration Appeals committees and serving as vice-chair of the Editorial Board.She earned her BA from Laurentian University and her BEd from Lakehead University. Her College registration number is 403322.


Angela De Palma, OCT

English-Language Roman Catholic Board Elementary

Angela De Palma is an itinerant Special Education resource teacher with the Halton Catholic DSB. She has taught for nearly 18 years, beginning as an FSL teacher and later working as a classroom teacher in all three divisions. Recently she worked as a Special Education resource teacher (SERT) responsible for gifted education and is now serving as a generalist itinerant SERT.

She has been a member of OECTA’s board/union PA day and young authors committees and has contributed to its summer PD projects, including the OECTA Daily Occasional Teacher Survival Guide and the Women’s Issues Action Kit.

She has also participated in the Ministry’s exemplars and policy to practice projects. De Palma has a BA from the University of Western Ontario and a BEd from OISE/UT. Her College registration number is 200278.


Gale Dores, OCT

Southeast Region Part-time/Full-time

Gale Dores has taught with the Upper Canada DSB since 1994. Her experience includes teaching at the elementary, secondary and college levels. Since 2000 she has taught mathematics and science at the T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education in Cornwall. Dores has written mathematics, geography and biology curriculum that has been used in schools across her board. She worked with math teachers from around the province creating the curriculum document Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life (MEL4E).

She has been involved locally and provincially in a variety of OSSTF activities, including presenting at anti-bullying workshops throughout Ontario. As an elected member of the previous College Council, Dores served on the Accreditation, Election and Standards of Practice and Education committees. Dores has a BSc from Queen’s University and earned her BEd from the University of Ottawa. Her College registration number is 285271.


Marc Dubois, OCT

French-Language Roman Catholic Board Secondary

Marc Dubois has taught high school for the Conseil scolaire de district des écoles catholiques du Sud-Ouest since 1990. He has taught mathematics to various grades as well as computer science, communications technology, media arts and French. He has also been a site manager and computer science resource teacher and served as a computer network moderator and facilitator for OTF’s project Creating a Culture of Change.

He has held a number of elected positions in his AEFO local unit, including local officer, local president and bargaining advisory committee chair.

As an elected member of the previous College Council, Dubois served on the Human Resources, Investigation and Registration Appeals committees. Dubois earned his BA and BEd from the University of Ottawa. His College registration number is 189027.


Monika Ferenczy, OCT

French-Language Public Board Elementary and Secondary

Monika Ferenczy has more than 20 years of teaching experience, having taught in the primary, junior, intermediate and senior divisions in all four school systems in three regions of Ontario. Ferenczy is presently working as a Special Education learning co-ordinator in the secondary panel for the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario.

Among her many achievements, Ferenczy was instrumental in working with French as a Second Language stakeholders in the province to bring the first pilot program of the Intensive Core French initiative to Ontario. As a member of the previous College Council, Ferenczy served on the Discipline and Fitness to Practise committees. She holds a BA and a BEd from the University of Toronto and an MEd with a concentration in leadership in education from the University of Ottawa. Her College registration number is 262675.


Jacqueline Gray, OCT

Southcentral Region Part-time/Full-time

Jacqueline Gray is a daily occasional teacher with the Upper Grand DSB. She has worked as both a daily and long-term occasional elementary teacher since 2007. Before that she was a school librarian and computer instructor/site administrator for 10 years with the Waterloo Catholic DSB. While there, she served on several committees, including health and safety and those pertaining to various aspects of library programming and automation.

She has served as an executive member of the Upper Grand ETFO occasional teachers’ local and as a certified member of the board-wide joint health and safety committee. Gray has a BA from the University of Guelph and a BEd from Brock University. Her College registration number is 500932.


Allyn Janicki, OCT

Southcentral Region Full-time

Allyn Janicki has worked as a teacher-librarian and taught visual arts at the secondary level since becoming a teacher in 1999. She has worked for the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic DSB since 2002, having taught with the York Catholic DSB the previous three years. Janicki has served with the OECTA as a local level executive councillor, a staff representative, an election teller and on the provincial communications committee. She was appointed to Council in March 2011 to fill a vacancy and served on the Accreditation and Finance committees.

She holds a BA in Fine Arts, a BEd from York University and an MEd from Nipissing University. Her College registration number is 428162.


Matthew Kavanagh, OCT

English-Language Roman Catholic Board Secondary

Matthew Kavanagh is a teacher with the York Catholic DSB. In nine years of teaching, he has taught in the junior, intermediate and senior divisions. At the same time he has developed a keen sense of service by sitting on committees such as scheduling and staffing allocation and being involved in community outreach initiatives for the benefit of teachers and the wider community.

He has served his OECTA local in various roles, is a member of its leadership training program and is a strong believer in representing, protecting and advocating for teachers’ interests. Kavanagh has a BA and MA from the University of Toronto and a BEd from Brock University. His College registration number is 460029.


Shanlee Linton, OCT

Northwest Region Full-time

Shanlee Linton currently teaches Grades 7 and 8 with the Lakehead DSB. In eight years of teaching, she has developed a passion and appreciation for school/community social justice programming and partnerships. She recently taught classroom management in Lakehead University’s Native Teacher Education Program.

Linton has chaired status of women and new teacher committees and is presently serving a third year as her local’s vice-president. Since completing ETFO’s union school, she has been a member of local constitution, health and safety, policies and procedures, and collective bargaining committees. She currently represents elementary teachers on the Lakehead DSB’s equity and inclusion working committee. Linton earned a BA and BEd from Lakehead University. Her College registration number is 464595.


Myreille Loubert, OCT

French-Language Roman Catholic Board Elementary

Myreille Loubert currently teaches Grade 6 for the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est. She started her career as a French Immersion teacher in Calgary, where she taught in the primary and intermediate divisions. She was certified to teach in Ontario in 2002 and has taught in Ottawa since 2003.

As an active AEFO member since 2003, Loubert first served as her school’s delegate and was later elected to a two-year term on her local’s executive. Since 2008 she has sat on OTIP’s long-term disability advisory committee for the provincial AEFO and currently chairs this committee. Loubert earned a BA from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a BEd from the University of Alberta. Her College registration number is 460779.


Mary Lou Mackie, OCT

Supervisory Officer

Mary Lou Mackie currently works as Executive Superintendent of Education with the Waterloo Region DSB. She previously served as Superintendent of Education with the Grand Erie DSB and Ministry of Education Provincial Schools Branch.

Other experience includes working as principal-leader of Special Education, secondary school principal and vice-principal, assistant department head and secondary teacher with the Grand Erie DSB, Brant County Board of Education and Calgary Board of Education.

Mackie is a member of the Ontario Public Supervisory Officials’ Association and an associate member of the Ontario Principals’ Council. She earned a BA from McMaster University, a BEd from the University of Toronto and an MEd from Brock University. Her College registration number is 249697.


Liz Papadopoulos, OCT

Central Region Full-time

Liz Papadopoulos is an elementary teacher with the Toronto DSB. She has just completed a term as full-time Chair of Council, representing the College at major stakeholder venues. She began teaching in 1991 and has taught students from kindergarten through Grade 8. She holds specialist qualifications in English as a Second Language and Physical and Health Education. With extensive federation involvement at the local, provincial and national levels, Papadopoulos has spent a total of seven years in full-time release positions.

She was vice-president of the ETFO Toronto local for several years. Elected to three previous College Councils, Papadopoulos most recently served as chair of the Executive Committee and as a member of the Human Resources and Investigation committees. In the past, she held the positions of chair of the Investigation and Accreditation Appeal committees and vice-chair of the Finance Committee. She holds a BA from York University and an MSc in education from Niagara University. Her College registration number is 187328.


Terry Price, OCT

Central Region Part-time/Full-time

Terry Price is an occasional teacher with the York Region DSB. From 1975 to 2005 he taught science, served as a department head in North York and York region and worked with Department of National Defence Schools in Germany. He has been an AQ honour specialist physics instructor at OISE/UT and has held executive positions with the OSSTF District 16, most recently as district treasurer and occasional teacher branch president.

He is a life member and former director of the board of the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario, a past president of the Ontario Association of Physics Teachers and a 1994 winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics. As an elected member of the previous College Council, Price served on the Accreditation Appeal, Investigation and Nomination committees. Price has a BSc and an MSc from York University and a BEd from the University of Toronto. His College registration number is 142900.


Vicki Shannon, OCT


Vicki Shannon is a special assignment principal with the Lakehead DSB. She taught kindergarten to Grade 8 French Immersion and English before becoming a curriculum resource teacher working with K–8 teachers. She has been an elementary and secondary vice-principal and principal in 10 schools in Thunder Bay. She served on the provincial executive of the Ontario Principals’ Council between 2004 and 2010 and is currently past president.

She has provided leadership nationally, provincially and locally as an environmental fellow, global education mentor, Lakehead University sessional lecturer, ETFO instructor, vice-principal/principal mentor and Americas representative on the International Confederation of Principals.

Shannon has a BA, a BEd and an MEd from Lakehead University. Her College registration number is 182129.


Louis Sloan, OCT

Northwest Region Part-time/Full-time

Louis Sloan is a teacher with the Thunder Bay Catholic DSB. He has had a variety of education experiences in his 27-year career, including teaching in English public, French Catholic and English Catholic boards in almost all primary, junior and intermediate grades in regular, rotary, itinerant, French and immersion settings. He has taught in isolated northern communities and worked as a vice-principal.

His involvement in teacher training includes having taught 15 different courses as a Lakehead University lecturer and faculty supervisor. Among his many community involvements he served as a board member, president and past president of the Thunder Bay Children’s Aid Society.

Sloan’s association involvement includes AEFO collective bargaining spokesperson and grievance officer work. His OECTA work includes political action, political advisory, negotiation and PD committees. He has a BA and a BEd from Lakehead University and a Master in Religious Education from St. Paul University in Ottawa. His College registration number is 258709.


Kara Smith, OCT

Faculty of Education

Kara Smith is currently an associate professor of English education at the University of Windsor. Smith taught English, business and drama at Resurrection Catholic SS for the Waterloo Catholic DSB and then for the Lambton Kent DSB. After completing her PhD in language education, she was hired by Windsor’s Faculty of Education as a researcher and model teacher. While there, she worked with faculties, school boards, publishers, the Ministry of Education and St. Clair College to pioneer cross-disciplinary literacy units for English students.

Smith has a BComm from the University of Windsor and a BA from the University of Waterloo, a BEd and MEd from the University of Western Ontario and a PhD from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom. She is certified to teach in Ontario, Michigan and Scotland. Her College registration number is 188622.


Wes Vickers, OCT

Southwest Region Full-time

Wes Vickers is a Grade 8 teacher with the Greater Essex County DSB. He has nearly 11 years of classroom experience, including three years as an interim vice-principal. Vickers has worked as an EQAO scoring supervisor and an OSSLT rangefinder and is trained to participate as a member of an accreditation panel.

He worked for the Ministry’s Assessment Policy Branch on the arts and the health and physical education exemplars projects. He has served on the Greater Essex’s ETFO professional development fund and public relations committee.

Vickers has a BA and a BEd from the University of Windsor and an Advanced BEd from Nipissing University. His College registration number is 442848.


Demetri Vacratsis, OCT

Southwest Region Part-time/Full-time

Demetri Vacratsis is a Grade 6 teacher with the Greater Essex County DSB. He has taught Grades 6, 7 and 8 for seven years and has been the Tribes district trainer for his board since 2008.

He is actively involved in arts, athletic and extracurricular clubs and programs, both within his school and in the greater community. He has served as his school’s ETFO steward for several years and has participated in various ETFO forums and presentations.

Vacratsis has a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a BEd from the University of Windsor. His College registration number is 481947.